Tutorial for Trading Assistants/Consignment Transactions

 The Easy Auctions Tracker spreadsheet is an incredible tool for eBay sellers who are Trading Assistants (sell items for others on eBay)! Our application will help you save TONS of time by displaying your fees and transaction information for you! No more tediously going through your eBay Invoice and Paypal account searching for each item’s fees and manually adding it all up!  Additionally, you can create customizable statements for your clients quickly and easily!

 How to Use Easy Auctions Tracker for Trading Assistants/Consignment Transactions

After you pull your transaction information into your eBay Spreadsheet tab, setup your clients on the "Clients" Tab. Simply add your clients name to the list in column B. This can be their last name or whatever you want to use to identify him/her throughout your spreadsheet. In column C, enter the commission percentage of the selling price that you are charging the client.

Please note: All items that are not sold on consignment are considered "My Item." On the Clients tab, please do not change the percentage shown from 0% or profit will not be calculated correctly (ie. "My Cost" and "Shipping Costs" are not factored into consignment formulas).



On the eBay Spreadsheet tab, go over to column Z (Owner) and select the client's name from the drop-down list.  The percentage of the selling price you are charging as your Commission to your client will be automatically shown as the percentage you entered on the "Clients" tab.

Next, in column AE, put in the check number that you will be using to pay your client for this item. The check number does not have to be entered until you are ready to create your invoice and pay your client.


Located on the eBay Spreadsheet Tab:



Once you have all of the transactions pulled into your eBay Spreadsheet tab and have entered the Owner, Selling Commission %, and Check Number and are ready to create your Invoice:

-Go down to the Invoices tab (you may  need to use the arrows on the bottom left corner-next to the Setup & Instructions tab to scroll through your tabs).

 -On your Invoices tab, go to the Owner heading in cell B7 and click on the drop-down arrow/filter. Put a check-mark next to the client’s name to display their transactions. Be sure that you don’t choose “Blank” or all of your transactions who don’t have a designated “owner” in your eBay spreadsheet tab will be displayed.

-Next, go to cell C7 and choose the Check Number that you will be using for this payment.

Located on the Invoices Tab:


Choose the Owner for the Invoice Items.   Choose one Check Number or multiple Check Numbers to create a history of Invoices.         


Your filtered Invoice (with the Owner and Check Number you chose) will appear: 

 -Once you get all of the transactions you want to have displayed on your invoice, you can add your logo to the top left corner (optional). Print out your invoice. You may want to print and keep a copy for your files as well. These invoices will not be saved, but can always be redisplayed by selecting the Owner and Check Number. The Invoice will change as soon as you choose another Owner or Check Number.

 **Be sure NOT to manually add any data to this tab. The Invoices tab is a pivot table that automatically pulls information from your eBay Spreadsheet tab.  If there is a transaction that you think is missing from your Invoices tab, you can click on the “Refresh My Data” button at the top of your Invoices tab. If the transaction is still not showing up in your invoice, go back to the eBay Spreadsheet tab (you will have to use the arrows to scroll over again), find the transaction and be sure you have the Owner, Selling Commission % and Check Number fields filled in for all transactions for this Invoice.**

Invoicing is based on the following assumptions:

  • -Commission charged is based on the percentage entered of the Purchase Price only (for example, if 25% is entered, commission equals 25% of the purchase price).
    -A flat fee can be charged per item by manually entering the amount in the "Commission Amount" column (for example, if you charge a small fee for listing items that go unsold).
    -Client/Owner pays all eBay and Paypal fees.
    -Buyer pays all shipping costs and you (the Trading Assistant) absorb any losses/gains from shipping & handling.

For a small customization fee, the assumptions on your invoices can be adjusted to fit your business.

Click here for a Sample eBay Consignment Contract!


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