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"EasyAuctionsTracker is an eBay seller's accounting dream! With a few clicks you can be looking at all your eBay sales data, costs and even keep track of your commissions."

-Julia Wilkinson, publisher of and author
of the award-winning "eBay Price Guide" and "What Sells on eBay for What"

"As an accountant and tax professional who works with eBay sellers, I can say that this spreadsheet will make your bookkeeping and thus your tax preparer's job much easier! Which will mean less time and lower fees for you."

-Kristine McKinley,  CFP®, CPA, is the founding principal of Beacon Financial Advisors, LLC, author of eBay Tax Tips

"I've been searching for a user friendly, FAST and ACCURATE way to do month end figures.  Most importantly, something I can share with my subscribers that I personally love to use.  This is not only perfect for the fellow eBayer, it's perfect for Trading Assistants as well.  

Easy Auctions Tracker has by far outweighed any spreadsheet I've purchased or created in the past. I'm totally hooked. I LOVE IT

It will make your life so much easier.  Thanks for your hard work!"  

-Jenn Cangelosi
Boutique Bargains
Alerting You To Clothes, Toys & More To Sell From Your eBay Store!

This has got to be the BEST eBay accounting tool ever!

I'm not the most computer literate guy around so I had several questions during my learning curve.  Every question I sent in was answered quickly and in terms even I could understand and follow!

The consignment feature of the program is worth twice the price by itself! 

Before discovering Easy Auctions Tracker, I went through 4 or 5 steps for each listing figuring expenses, profit margins, consignment fees, etc.  Now it's just download, enter cost and shipping (or consignor info) and "PRESTO" it's done!

I don't know enough adjectives to describe how happy I am with Easy Auctions Tracker!  THANK YOU!

Boo's Neat Stuff

"I love it! Where has it been all my eBay life?"    

"Thank You!! You guys are the best.  I am telling everybody I know about your spreadsheet!"

Anna, La Rambla de Anna

"When I started selling on eBay full-time, I analyzed several different tracking systems, as well as using QuickBooks or similar software. Many were too complex and had too many options for a basic "one venue" eBay seller.This spreadsheet by far, will provide everything needed for an eBay seller to keep up with all sales details. My end of month is now a breeze compared to what it could be!! Thank you Easy Auctions Tracker for this wonderful service to the eBay community!! "

Abe, AAA Military Books and More

"After trying it out, I knew it was something I was going to need and want!  I wish I had known about it sooner, I just spent a couple of hours last week setting up a spreadsheet to track that same information, but it wasn't NEARLY has good as this is!!  This is terrific and will be great for me!"

"Thanks so much for the answer to a dreaded bookkeeping issue. We are consignment sellers and this is just what we have been looking for. Great fit especially for a smaller business. Prompt response for help!!!"
Jim and Loyanne

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