Frequently asked Questions:

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Q: Excel is saying my Digital Certificate has expired, what should I do?

A: Follow the steps below to re-enable the macros based on which version of Excel you are using. You will be prompted each time you open Excel to allow macros to run.

To change Office 2007/2010 macro security settings:

 On the Security Warning Ribbon, click on the Options Button.

On the Microsoft Office Security Options window, select “Enable this Content”, and click Ok.

Q: How long does eBay store my information?
A: eBay stores your listing information for 3 months,
for example you can retrieve May's transactions in August.
Once the listing information is pulled into the spreadsheet it is saved as part of the file and will be retained even after eBay removes the information from its servers.

Q: Will this run on a Mac computer?
A: If you can run Windows on your Mac, such as with the Parallels program, we encourage you to download the Free Trial to see if it will work for you. We have some customers who are using our spreadsheet this way with no problem. 

The macros in our spreadsheet aren't compatible with the Mac version of MS Excel (Mac's version just doesn't process the code in the same way; so the transaction information isn't pulled correctly).

Q: I don't have Excel. Will this work in Open Office or Microsoft Works?
A: Neither Open Office nor Microsoft Works are compatible with VBA macros, therefore this spreadsheet will not work in these programs. 

Q: Is the Paypal fee calculated?
A: No, it is the actual Paypal fee that was assessed on your account (as reported to eBay).

Q: Is the spreadsheet also linked to the user’s Paypal account?  If so, is it safe and secure?
A: No, the token is only associated with your eBay account. If the buyer paid with Paypal, the fee is recorded in your transaction information on eBay's servers. The spreadsheet will collect your Paypal fee as well.

Q: Will this spreadsheet track unsold items as well?
A: Yes, unsold items will automatically be pulled into the spreadsheet along with sold items (that have been marked paid and shipped in your eBay account)!

Q: How does this spreadsheet deal with the listing fee refunds if a relisted item sells during the 30 day period?

A: The spreadsheet will pull Sold items in once they are marked as shipped in your eBay account (My eBay, Selling Manager, etc.) and it will pull Unsold items in once they are listed as Unsold in your eBay account.

Basically whatever eBay reports on your account (all info. for each item number) is pulled into the spreadsheet (once it is shipped or goes unsold).  So if the first time around, the item doesn't sell, it shows that with that item number. If you relist the item, the spreadsheet will show the new item number and all of the info. for that item (after either being marked as shipped or as going unsold). If you receive a relist fee credit, the spreadsheet will automatically pull that information from your account and make your Insertion Fee lower for that item (the item number that the credit shows up for on your invoice).
The only fee that the spreadsheet does not report is the monthly store fees if you have an eBay store-such as $15.99, etc. Otherwise, all fees and credits are reported in the spreadsheet.

Q: If a buyer pays with cash or a Money Order (i.e. local pickup of an item), will the spreadsheet still gather the transaction information for me?
A: Yes, the only difference is the payment method will show up in your spreadsheet as “MOCC.”

Q: Do you have to have an eBay store or will it get information on individual listings?
A: Any eBay seller can use the spreadsheet for regular auctions or store listings. Information on any item with an eBay item number that you sold can be reported.

Q: How long will this spreadsheet pull transactions for my account?
A: This spreadsheet is for use throughout 2018. Another spreadsheet will be available for purchase for 2019.

Q: In the "Auction Type" column, I noticed it says "Chinese" for some of the listings. What is that?

A: "Chinese" is what eBay calls a regular auction with bidding. The other types of listings that may show up in your spreadsheet are:

FixedPriceItem - for items sold at Fixed Price
StoresFixedPrice - for items sold out of an eBay store
LeadGeneration - for classified ads

Q: When I pulled my January transactions into my spreadsheet, I noticed it downloaded not only January sales, but also a few from December and February. Why did this happen?

A:  We have the spreadsheet pull a few days before and a few days after each month selected, so that there are a few days that overlap. This ensures that no transactions are missed.

Q: Is this program web-based?

A: No, Easy Auctions Tracker is not web-based, nor is your information saved anywhere outside of your computer. We highly recommend that you back up your file monthly (or more often if you choose) on an external hard drive (such as a thumb drive, etc.) to avoid data loss. We will not be able to be recreate your data.

Q: After purchasing the full version of the spreadsheet, will I have to go through the whole download procedure again?

A: You will not need to download anything to keep using the spreadsheet. The trial version is "locked", so it will only pull January, April, June, & October's transactions. After the spreadsheet is purchased, the buyer will be emailed an Unlock Key that "unlocks" the spreadsheet to pull transactions for the rest of the year (from the previous 3 months - December 2018).


Contact us if you have additional questions. We are always happy to help!

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