Our Webinar demonstrates many of the spreadsheet functions

Here is the complete list of start times for each of the topics:
1:40   Short PowerPoint presentation
6:05   Website features/how to download trial version
7:35   Setup and Instructions tab/setup of spreadsheet authentication token to get started
10:55  eBay Spreadsheet SELLING tab
20:15  eBay Spreadsheet BUYING tab
22:10  Monthly Summary tab
24:15  Yearly Summary tab
26:30  Inventory tab with SKU/custom label feature
29:45  Expenses tab
32:00  Mileage tab
33:00  Clients and Invoices tabs for Trading Assistants/Consignment
41:20  Profit Chart tab

**On the Formulas tab, DO NOT click on the “Apply Formulas to All Transactions” button. This will cause you to lose your manually entered data (My Cost & Actual Shipping Cost).  


Spreadsheet Setup Video:

Setup and Installation



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